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Pemag Machinery industry, operating since 1998, until today in wet wipes industry, and before that taking place in food and cosmetic industry for 20 years, has transferred a total of  32 years of experience  to this sector, as a machine producer with principles, and with professionals who have adopted high quality, advance technology, holding teamwork in the foreground, working with amateur spirit awareness, constantly developing and improving, following developments in the world in its sector and applying the innovations brought by these developments,  sailing to new developments, persistent in technology, not seeing sufficient what they have done and what they would do, each passing day increasing  their goals, has a  idealistic structure in business. 

With this understanding Pemag Machinery is honored of putting into service; wet pocket wipes and wet towel wipes facilities, liquid filling facilities, packaging machines and many similar machines for you valued customers.

2021 Standartlarında Üretim

quote  "2021 standartlarında üretim fabrikamızla en iyi hizmeti sagliyoruz."
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